I love what I do. I’ve been on my own as a photographer for twelve years now, and I still really love what I do. I’ve worked as an actress in front of the camera, assisted behind it, and did hair and make-up for years so I really understand this crazy business.

I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photography and getting that perfect shot. However, that’s what makes the work so interesting. There’s nothing better than looking over the shots together when we are both equally excited about how great they look. That’s what I need to have happen after every shoot. No, this isn’t brain surgery, but it sure is fun!


3 looks 295.00
4 looks 345.00
5 looks 395.00
Includes online session & high resolution disc

3 looks 395.00
4 looks 445.00
5 looks 495.00
Includes online session & high resolution disc

Hair & Make up:
Women 250.00
Men 125.00
Children 45.00